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The Benefits Of Multifamily Real Estate Investing.


Passive Income.

For each project, we target two types of returns: operational returns - paid from the project's cash flows - and capital returns - earned when we sell or refinance the project. We leverage your capital contributions, along with those of your fellow investors, to do the work that generates these returns while you reap the benefits of receiving either monthly or quarterly returns and financial updates. With our team, we do all the work while you enjoy the rewards.

Real Assets.

One of the greatest advantages of multifamily investing is that you are purchasing a real, tangible housing asset. Unlike the stock market, where you rely on ideas or artificial entities to generate profits, your real estate investment is non-fungible and non-severable. And where the stock market can be manipulated via options and other influences outside your control, we have the ability to decide when and how to make improvements to our investments to further increase their value to our tenants and investors.

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Asset Appreciation.

Operating cash flows ideally provide regular, consistent income for our investors during the project's life cycle. In addition, larger returns typically come from increases in the property's value that we create by finding undervalued investment opportunities and making significant improvements that make those communities a better place to live. Creating better living environments leads to longer staying residents because they can see they're valued and can be proud of where they live. This improves the value of the asset, which generates a greater profit for our investors when we exit the deal.

Shared Risk.

No investment is risk free, but multifamily investments are designed to protect cash flows by maintaining a significant number of independent revenue streams, which also increases our ability to optimally allocate operational and capital expenditures. With single family rentals, losing one tenant can reduce your monthly revenues by 50-100%. Temporarily losing one or two tenants with multifamily only drops revenues by a couple percentage points while also allowing us us the opportunity to upgrade or repair those units to improve their livability for the next family.

Operational Expertise.

You may have little to no experience managing income-generating investment properties or running your own business. Three60 Properties partners only with the most competent and experienced operational teams to properly manage each asset while ensuring the investment and improvement plan are followed as closely as possible. We prioritize transparent communication throughout the investment's life cycle to provide you with the best possible returns and investor experience.

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Depreciation Benefits.

Owning real estate can provide tax benefits through asset depreciation even when our investors receive passive income.  We have the resources to employ cost segregation analyses and other tools to maximize the value of depreciation benefits for investors who can take advantage of them.  As always, we recommend that investors consult with their accountant or tax advisor for a specific analysis of how depreciation can provide tax advantages for their unique situation.

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